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02/12/08 - Welcome, Ultra
of Santa Cruz, California, USA!

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Ultra's guardian writes:

General Info:

D.O.B. September 12, 2007
Breed: Miniature English Bull Terrier

Iterests and Activities:

Ultra is a 5 month-old purebred AKC Miniature English Bull Terrier. Still a pup, she is 22 pounds of muscle and tenderness. She is all white with a black patch over her right eye. Ultra is becoming known throughout Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties for her patriotism, the love of children and the ladies. Ultra is a member of LOH [Ladies of HOG] and has her own membership HOG Card. Ultra is also the mascot of the Santa Cruz HOG Chapter and a member of the Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club.

In January, Ultra attended the Arlen Ness Bike Show in the San Jose Convention Center. She drew lots of attention and was filmed by “Speed” channel television and admirers. She met and made many friends of people who remembered her predecessor Buddy:

Ultra is soon to be fitted for her biker leathers. She hasn’t yet decided on Pink or black. Ultra’s first ride was 200 plus miles with over 30 members of the Santa Cruz HOG Chapter to Los Banos for lunch at Olinda’s on 9 February 08. Rides to Reno, Vegas, Sturgis, the Wall, and all over California are in her future. Ultra looks forward to riding with the "Northern CA WOOF PACK of Biker Dogs MC".

Ultra rides on a 100 year Anniversary Ultra Classic inside her customized tour pack, also known as her “fox hole”. She enjoys sitting up during a ride but when it is cold or bumpy, wants some privacy, or is just tired, Ultra lays down in her foxhole and “pops-up” when there is a stop or lots of people. The foxhole, with vents and windshield were designed and fabricated by her guardian Joe. Clam shell vents on the sides of his tour pack circulate air within his foxhole. On hot rides, Ultra has frozen water bottles in her foxhole keeping him cool. The license plate under Ultra’s tour pack reads “Biker K9”.

Ultra is registered AKC and a member of the Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club, and a “Good Will Ambassador”.

Safety and Security:
Ultra is tethered in her fox hole, is chipped and has VPI medical insurance.

Ignorant people who identify me as a pit bull because they have no idea what a American Pit Bull looks like, those who fail to know that only breeders and owners make dogs mean.

Places traveled on her Harley:
Los Banos, CA

Santa Cruz HOG:
Barbary Coast BTC:

Ultra's human is a Guardian member of Biker dogs MC: "Doggy Daddy"

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