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New member of Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club !!

08/01/03 - Welcome, Skip
of Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA !

My name is Skip, my riding moniker is "Bone Crusher". I am a seven month old Schipperke, so bike riding comes natural to me. My partner and I enjoy riding alone up through Wisconsin. However, I hang around Chicago most days, cause I like hanging out at Montrose Beach, with my friends, they welcome my kind there.You say you need proof that I ride, well since my partner and I are mostly loners it is hard to get pictures of me on theYamaha Virago 1100, so trust that I would not dress up like this if it was not in my best interest! (a picture of me on the bike will be sent as soon as one can be acquired) My Partner, Deb attaches the harness I wear to herself, and places a leather with a foam cushion under me on the tank, I can stand or sit, whichever I choose to do, as that is what riding is about, the feeling of being free, and unconfined. The harness, allows me freedom to move, however I can not fall off as I am attached to Deb. We considered a leather riding basket however I refused to stay in such a sissy bed. I purchased a pair of Doggles with the money my grandparents sent for obedience school, (I'll catch the next one) and a non riding friend donated an old leather vest, his wife was able to parry into a sturdy riding leather for me. Since Illinois does not require it, I take advantage of not wearing a helmet, here it's still my choice! I choose the wind in my hair! Anyway I attached a couple pics, let me know what else I need, I would like to be a part of the Biker Dogs club, it seems to encourage freedom to roam, I like to roam.

Skipper Ke Davis
AKA "Bone Crusher"
Arlington Heights, IL

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