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First overseas member of Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club !!

Welcome, Roxie
of Fussa, Japan !

See story and more pics below photo...

(Fussa is a town about 20 miles west of downtown Tokyo)

Janis, Brian and Roxie write:
           I (Janis) got Roxie in 1997 when I was living inMisawa,Japan. She was about a year old and had been found wandering the Air Force base there and was taken to the adoption shelter on the base. Fell in love with her when I saw her! She is part husky and partSheba. And needless to say, she is bilingual – she understands Japanese and English! Misawa is located at the northern part ofJapan, about 400 miles north ofTokyo.
           We moved toCampZamain 1999 where I met a lot of guys who ride Harleys and bought my first Harley there. Met my husband through friends there and he used to ride down from Yokota Air Base (where we live now) every weekend. Between his bike, my bike and our friends bikes, Roxie got to know the sound of the Harley and would go nuts whenever she heard one pull up – of course, everyone was coming to see her!  She still acts that way whenever a Harley goes by on the street – her ears come up and she even goes to the front door at times waiting for whoever is riding to stop and see her!
           I moved to Yokota Air Base (Fussa) in 2000 and have been here ever since.  Brian has been inJapanfor 17 years, working at a Japanese factory, then down atCampZama, then up here at Yokota on the helicopters. Now he works on bikes here at the house and customized my bike from an 883 Sportster to a 1200 Fatster and just finished rebuilding his 1959 Pan Head. Brian and I got married in June 2001 – had about 150 people at our wedding – a biker wedding, of course, complete with Harleys. Ever since then we’ve been looking for a side car we could afford so Roxie and our other dog (ChooChoo – a chow, who passed away this past January) could go with us on our rides around Japan. Found the seat through Beast Riders and of course, it was a lot cheaper than a side car. Also found your web site through their site. So, now Roxie can go with us whenever we go for a ride.
           We just returned from a 550 mile round trip ride toNagoyaand took Roxie with us this past weekend. She loved it! And she was a hit with the Japanese whenever they saw her in the seat, especially with her goggles and hat on. She even jumps up in her seat without having to be told and patiently waits for the harness to be connected to the seat.
           We have a campout with our motorcycle club in June, so we’ll be sure to take more pictures. Never even thought about getting the camera out this past weekend while we were on the road and taking pictures.  We rode toNagoyaall Friday night arriving at dawn, then on the way home it started to rain.
           We’ll be sure to send more pictures and send them to you.
Thanks for your interest! And keep in touch!
Janis, Brian, and Roxie
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Hey Houdini. My folks Brian & Janis took me for a ride to a bike rally
here in Japan. I had great time riding and here are a couple of pictures
of me on Brian's 2002 FLHTC-U. This rally was a swap meet/campout all
rolled into one. Last week I went on my first ferry ride and I did not
like it to much. Also we went to a big lake (Towada) up north and had a
good time. Just don't get me wet.

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