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March 31st, 2010 - Welcome, Rowdy
of Ball Ground, Georgia, USA

First Biker Dogs MC member from Georgia!

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Rowdy woofs:

I have ridden my Indian motorcycle more than 200,000 miles. I ride free style on the gas tank in front of my person.

I am so cool in my leather vest and goggles! I usually slow traffic down on the expressway because so many people roll their windows down to take pictures of me.

My job is to guard my motorcycle when my person is not on it and my hobby (other than riding) is chasing squirrels.

DECEMBER 19, 2002 – JUNE 12, 2010

Rowdy Barnes, 7 1/2 years old, died June 12, 2010 near Butler, GA in a hunting accident.

He is survived by his Father and Mother, Ely and Joan Barnes, his caregiver, Duane Rowan, and his playmates, Pistol and Good Boy. He was predeceased by Pedro and Joy two other faithful playmates.

Rowdy was an aviator, motorcycle rider, terrorist hunter, fashion leader, goodwill ambassador, banjo picker, guardian and ever-faithful and loyal companion to his Dad. He was an extensive traveler having crossed the country several times, flown first class to Alaska, and explored the Kudzu region of Burnt Mountain.

His adventures are legendary. He fought Kung Fu rabbits and bears in Alaska, he rid his homeland of dangerous moles, and he bit pesky vets and invaders of his property. He instilled terror in the hearts of thieving squirrels each day.

Early on he developed a distinctive motorcycle riding technique to aid inebriated and unskilled motorcyclists to make it safely home. He gave direction on when and how to turn by shifting his body and he warned other motorists to steer clear through his menacing bark.

He modeled designer motorcycle wear and was famous along the I-575 and I-75 corridors of North Georgia. He went on promotional tours to several Western states where he received rave reviews from fans of all ages and walks of life.

He enjoyed a good butt scratching, belly rubs, playing hide and seek with his Dad on the motorcycle, chasing squirrels, swimming after geese, protecting his truck and meeting pretty girls at bars.

Rowdy had a successful career in protecting McCollum-Cobb County Airport from terrorists, burglars and other unsavory characters. Not once during his career was the airport attacked thanks to his constant surveillance and vigilance.

He was the charter member of the Georgia branch of the Biker Dog Motorcycle Club.

He brought joy to all who encountered him, including the elderly at Cave Run Manor Assisted Living and patrons of local pubs. But most especially, he enriched the lives of those who were privileged to know him personally.

Rowdy will be buried in the new Rowdy Barnes Memorial Garden on the Barnes estate under the tree where he terrorized so many squirrels. His biography is forthcoming in both book and screen versions.

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