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November 4th, 2011 - Welcome, Pocket
of Oakley, California, USA

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Pocket's guardian tells us:

Pocket came to live with us October 12th, 2011. Exactly thirteen days after we suffered the heart-breaking loss of Lady Harley, our biker girl of eleven years. Pocket is a blood line ancestor of Lady Harley and has taken to riding on the motorcycle like she was born to it. She rides with a total relaxed air and the noise doesn't bother her. She loves to don her hats and motorcycle clothes. She isn't totally happy with sunglasses or doggles yet, but as soon as she gets more comfortable with them, her enjoyment will increase. In her two weeks of riding, she has shown no fear, has done no cryin', and has ended each of her four rides (two quite lengthy) with a waggin' tail. She appears to love the wind in her fur and riding with us! We believe Lady Harley paw-picked Pocket and sent her to us.

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