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08/29/07 - Welcome, Piston
of Beach Park, Illinois, USA!

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Piston woofs:

Hi! My name is Piston & the lady with me in all the pictures is my new mom Jules. I’m 2 1⁄2 years old and a very lucky little Chihuahua. Back in February my mom saw an ad about me in the classified ads online. I was living in Indiana with a very nice foster lady named Miss Kelly. Miss Kelly said she chose Jules as my new mom because out of all the emails & phone calls she got about me, Jules was the only person who didn’t ask right away how much I weighed when Miss Kelly mentioned that I was an intact male.

Miss Kelly said that the people who only wanted to know about my weight were probably just looking to use me as a “Stud Dog.” Well, I was thinking “Stud Dog” sounded like something that could be right up my alley. Then Miss Kelly told me all about Puppy Mills & what happens to dogs that live in those places. A little tail sounded great, but the rest of the story was really scary. Yikes! I’m sure glad she decided that Jules’ house was a better place for me.

Jules drove all the way from the northeastern suburbs of Chicago to Bloomington Indiana (540 miles round trip) just to see if we would get along before she adopted me. Of course I liked her right away. We dogs have a sense about these things ya know!

Now I’m the “PRINCE” (Big Daddy Pete is the King) of the castle. I’m spoiled rotten. I get to go to work with my mom (almost) everyday. She has taught me to sit, lay down and to go potty outside. She buys me cool toys & T-shirts and best of all I get to ride Harleys!!!!! She even makes a special soap for my baths. She uses all natural ingredients because she says it’s better for my skin. I like the soap a lot (the baths not so much). She even named it special for me. She calls it Shampooch!

My mom drives a Sportster & The Big Daddy Pete drives an Ultra-Glide. I have a special carrier and my own goggles to wear when we ride. Wherever we ride…. people always make such a fuss over me! I love all the chin scratches I get but it really is kinda embarrassing. Like they never saw a Chihuahua biker before. Gimme a break.

I was supposed to go to someplace called “Sturgis” earlier this month, but when my mom called the hotel people they said I couldn’t come. What’s up with that? I really think they should try to be a bit more dog friendly. Don’t they know dogs are cool? Well because Jules & the Big Daddy Pete had made these reservations so long ago, I had to stay at Uncle Jack’s house while they were gone. That was okay though, Uncle Jack’s is where my buddy “Max” the Saint Bernard lives and hangin out with “Max” is always fun. Too bad he’s too big to ride on Uncle Jack’s bike, I know he would dig bein’ a biker dog. Maybe someday Uncle Jack will get him a sidecar.

This weekend I did get to go on another good trip though. We went to Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial Park is there. (You can check out their website by clicking on the name of the park). A bunch of people rode up there and we laid a stone for a friend who was killed on his motorcycle last year. They said something about a drunk driver was the one who killed him. He didn’t have any insurance and left the country when he made bail. I hope whatever a drunk driver & jumping bail is, that someone does something about it soon. Everyone there seemed to miss their friend a lot and is sad that he is gone. My mom is posting some pics from the trip here on the website! If you get a chance, stop by the memorial sometime. It is pretty cool. Maybe we’ll run into each other there. Til then….”Keep the rubber on the road & the shiny side up”!

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