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August 8th, 2011 - Welcome, Nikki
of Boca Raton, Florida, USA

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Nikki's guardian tells us:

Nikki was found wandering up the on-ramp to I-95 in Miami where a kind heart saved her life that ????? finding her in the lost & found on craigslist, I told them that if owner did not appear, I would rescue her from being taken to the dog pound. Little did I know that in truth she rescued me. I found that despite a comfortable sidecar, she would jump out of it into the passenger seat of my full dresser so that's where she rode until I sold the bike. After getting a rat bobber, she jumped into my lap and loves to ride in front of me. She is always attached by a harness and wears eye protection. Look for our videos on Youtube by "who saved whom" Ride Safe! Eat Bugs!

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