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"Miss Boots"

Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club member in the headlines!!

01/19/04 - Welcome, Miss Boots
of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA !

"Miss Boots", a Chinese Crested Pwderpuff, rides with "Darthvader Philly"

"Darthvader Philly", Miss Boots' guardian writes:

I am sending along a picture of "Miss Boots", my chinese crested powderpuff and bike companion. We ride a Suzuki Burgman 400.

This is not how she actually rides as I use a pet backpack to transport her. This device looks like a regular backpack, but has a mesh section that allows "Miss Boots" to see out and breathe. Additionally, it's probably the safest way for her to travel since she is enclosed and behind me.

I did buy a pouch and doggles that we would have used if we had kept the Honda Elite in the picture.

The main reaon for looking for the site was to try and find other motorcyclists who ride with their dogs. I would like this to be a safe experience for "Miss Boots".

The amusing thing is that "Miss Boots" hates the car and prefers the bike. I have to give her Valium to ride in the car!
Anyway, I have had no [legal] problem with riding with my dog. The only conceivable reason someone might be arrested would be for cruelty to animals if the dog is unprotected. That is the dog is loose on the bike which was the case with Lady Harley [of Woodland Hills].

"Darthvader Philly"
Philadelphia, PA

Here's another of us where we are off the Burgman (you'll have to take my word for it she rode with me). The park we are at is 30 miles from home. We did 150 miles that day enjoying the Burgman's power!

The backpack we use is a pet portage backpack, which I give so-so reviews. It's good on the Burgman since it has the lombar thng that allows the pack to rest and not take any stress. But, When using the pack on a bench seat, the pack takes enough stress that the straps go after about a month.

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