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Seasoned member of Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club !!
Welcome, Josie
of Denver, Colorado !

Meet Josie and her mom, Darlene
Josie is a mascot for the Christian Motorcycle Association Chapter RMCR.

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Above and below: Josie attended the 1st Annual Biker Dog Run 2003 (Colorado Regional) and earned a cool run pin (click thumbnails to enlarge photos).
Photos on the above right (click to enlarge): Darlene writes: Josie and I and husband attended the GWRRA Region F Rally this past weekend (5/24/03) in Albuquerque. We rode a total of 1300 miles round trip and runs included. Josie got a whole new outfit, leather cap, leather vest and leather v-scarf. She was the absolute hit of the entire rally. Her picture must have been taken at least 50 times. I am attaching a picture for you in her new gear. Also, we just happen to win the "Best of Show" award for the bike show. It was the first time in the history of the rally that the award went to a non-goldwing bike. Josie and I ride a 2001 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100.
Josie and I and hubby just got back from a 4700 mile trip across the US. We stopped in Ohio to attend the Honda Homecoming where our bike won Best of Show and People's choice. The publicity man from Honda took our winning photo there and I did put in a major plug for our group. Josie even was wearing her backpatch and biker dog run pin. See attached picture (on right)
Darlene Murphey traveled all the way from Denver, Colorado in order to take part in her first-ever Honda HomeComing, and the trip was well worth it. Murphey kicked off the three-day celebration by winning the Shadow bike show. Not only did she win best-of-show honors, but she also claimed the People's Choice Award.
"I bought the bike from a guy that wanted a Harley - bad choice on his part," said a smiling Murphey. "I added all the chrome and the neon lights." Her 2001 Sabre is a perfect fit for her and her 4-year-old dog Josie, who also made the trip from Colorado. Having spent a week on the road prior to the event, Murphey and Josie spent several hours together on the bike. This is nothing new for Murphey. Since she received her license a year ago in September, she has already logged more than 14,000 miles on the bike. "Josie has been with me for most of those," Murphey said. "She really travels well and she is at home on the bike. When she hears the bike start up, she jumps in her bag and is ready to go." American Custom Cycles in Denver supplied the deep purple paint job.

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