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04/29/04 - Welcome, Jade
of Gray, Maine, USA !

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Jade-LE is a year and a half old Border Terrier who sat on my bike for the first time when he was a mere 9 weeks old.  It was too cold for his first ride but the following spring he was good to go.  I use a body harness and two leashes to keep him safe on the bike.  I string a leash to either side of the bike and attach it to the passenger handrails and then to the harness.  My Girlfriend hates that I take Jade riding but he loves it.  He sits back there and "sings" along with the tunes.  He really loves Stevie Ray Vaughn and firetrucks.  Talk about getting some looks.  He's only 20lbs so a lot of the time out in traffic people think he's just a stuffed animal until he turns and looks at them at a red-light or as we pass them.  I've had more people ask if they could take my pic since he started riding with me last spring.  Not being new, I know that they want the dogs picture and I'm getting cropped out.  I actually had one person come up to me and tell me that someone they know saw a pic of my dog on a website. 
I work as the Business Agent for the local Stagehands Union and my Girlfriend does catering and hospitality.  Jade meets all the "stars" hanging out backstage.  Last spring, Cher was intown and I let two of my stagehands who were working with me at a different venue take Jade for a walk over to the venue that Cher playing.  As you can imagine, security was tight and the two women didn't have passes.  The security people knew Jade so they got into the show.  Last weekend Jade got to hang out with Arthur who belongs to Elton John.  Whenever Jade pulls up on the bike to any of the places I work the bands and crews get a big kick out of seeing him sitting back there like a king.  Jade makes a cameo appearance in Comedian Bob Marley's DVD and is supposed to be in some up and coming bands video.  Time will tell.  Jade will eventually make appearances in the Maine State Ballet's Nutcracker.  There isn't a room he walks into that he doesn't take command of.  It's interesting such a small guy can have so much heart.

Jade-LE will keep his Doggles on at highway speeds, but when riding around town he like a lot of other bikers, likes to slide them up onto his forehead for a better look of the sights.  Why would anyone put goggles on a dog and then not call them Doggles is beyon

Thanks in advance for letting Jade join the club.  We just got word the other day that the two little B-T bitches he visited early this spring both had litters and being a new "Dad" and all, the patch should cheer him up. 

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