Biker Dogs MC International
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Founded September 27th, 2000



Pack Leader and Founder of Biker Dogs MC

Houdini of Oakland, California

Houdini has appeared on international TV,
entertained "Fergie" (The Duchess of York),
traveled via ultalights, waverunners, kayaks. and seaplanes,

and raised money for charity.
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Houdini's human is the International Pack Guardian of Biker Dogs MC: Jesse Lane

Houdini is one of a family of 5 Schipperkes that ride motorcycles, all adopted by Jesse Lane and KC Chapek, who are Guardian members of Biker Dogs MC. Click on either link to see the whole family on notorcycles!

Below: Houdini, sitting on his custom '95 Bad Boy
outside famous dog-friendly National Hotel
in Jamestown, California in the Sierra Mountains

[photo courtesy Dave Jolly]
Astronomy and Wolf Theme Paint Job by Faraone Graphics of Hayward California
(design and concept by Biker Dogs MC Guardian member Jesse Lane)
4 dogs on one bike! <=== Check this out! A world record!
Four dogs on one bike (Houdini is one of them) at the 2nd Annual Biker Dog Run in 2004
Above: Houdini and Jesse performing the "Biker Dog" song
at the St. Charles Saloon in Columbia
for the Sierra Aids Benefit Bike Run
[photos courtesy Richie Barron of Dr. Tequila's Roadhouse]
Below: Houdini, Jesse and Sweetheart KC relax together after the performance
Houdini and Fergie!
Houdini meets the Duchess of York !
On 2/4/2004 Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, who is the spokesperson for Wedgwood, made an appearance in Pleasanton, California. Biker Dogs Houdini and Gypsy were invited onstage to meet with the Duchess !
Houdini and Fergie!


Houdini passed away after riding for nearly 17 years. He is now featured on our "K9 Riders in the Sky" page.

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