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Hollister Harley

04/5/04 - Welcome, Hollister Harley
from Chatsworth, California, USA !

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Harley's guardian Margie writes:

Hollister Harley was delivered to us, on an Harley, at the young age of 6 weeks old, to the Hollister 4th of Event...he has been on the bike ever since. Harley was born 5-13, 1999. His daddy's name is Trusty and he also rides, so it's in his blood. Whenever the motorcycle starts up Harley is there for the ride. We ride with the Glendale Hog Group, and he is the club dog. He attends the annual Love Ride (w/Jay Leno) and Christmas Toy Ride (to skid row). He sneaks into the Laughlin River Ride, every year, at the Colorado Bell (where the staff and security look the other way). Last year we went to the Red Wood Run, and that was an adventure. The guys laugh, at Palm Springs, because their all dieing of thirst and these show girls will come up to Harley, bend over, and give him their bottled water. Yes, he's an babe magnet.We named him after the city we picked him up in. Hollister. He has gone, quietly, w/us over the last 3 years. We didn't make it there, last year (darn). They were giving us a bad time, the year before, stating that the sheriff w/b coming and we would be getting an ticket, if he saw Harley, but it never came to be. If fact, we meet Harley's dad, Trusty, on their main street. Harley likes to share our (and anyone else's beer). When we stay at the dog friendly hotels, he's always a favorite out by the pool and jacuzzi. The Hell Angels have hand fed him McDonald french fries. He is an water friendly dog and it's hard to keep him out of the pool, ocean, lake or whatever. He's a swimming fool. He's enjoyed the Doobie Brothers concerts and those crazy guys with the long beards and sun glasses. We lost him, once, when the gardeners left the side gate open. We searched for hours. Finally when Bob came home and got the bike out, we found him in an dead end alley. He came out to the sound of the "pipes". It's funny how we go out w/other bikes, but he knows when our bike starts and he runs over for the ride. At this time, Harley rides between my husband and myself (on my lap). We tried making the saddle bags into a fine ride, for him, complete w/an wind shield..he prefers, my lap. He jumps up into it and just lays down. If I ever ride my own bike, we will be getting trake, because he'll need the room. We have an second pug, but she runs the other direction when the bike starts up. Harley's alot of fun.We live in the San Fernando Valley and be willing to meet the other 2 dogs that ride. April 5th 2004: The 3rd picture from the left below is of Harley, myself and Patrick Swayze at the Glendale Harley Dealership. I have a bunch of pictures, from the Love Rides, w/Peter Fonda, Willy G, Jay Leno, etc from years gone by.

Click on thumbnails below to enlarge photos. Note: the third from the left is Hollister Harley and guardian Margie with Patrick Swayze.

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