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04/19/04 - Welcome, Harley
from Phillipston, Massachusetts, USA !

Americade, Lake George, NY 2003 - Harley 8 months old

Harley's guardians Suki and Gary write:

Harley is an avid rider who has been riding since the age of 7 months. He loves and lives to ride. He can't wait to suit up in his leather, goggles and do wrap and hop into his carry bag and have us take him out on the Ultra. Sometimes he goes off with just Gary. He puts Harley in his carry bag and Harley puts one paw on the tank and the other on Gary's leg and doesn't move the whole time. If Suki is carrying him in the back then he puts his head on Gary's shoulder and just chills. We try to go to as many places as we can that allow dogs. We always make sure that Harley has water and snacks to go! He is am awesome travel companion and we would be very proud to have him wear the Biker Dog MC colors.

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<=== Suki, Harley, Aunt Gypsy of Biker Bits. Lacey Packer, USMC Toy Run, Oct 2003
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