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Thomas "Pat" Simmons

Thomas Patrick "Pat" Simmons has been riding a motorcycle for over fifty of his 63 years now, starting out on a Cushman, and now riding on a 2004 Harley Dyna-Wideglide. He is a retired New Orleans Firefighter and currently works as an EMT. He began dating a Registered Nurse, Denise Monk over 7 years ago, and they married 4 years ago. She rides her own Harley, a 1997 Dyna-Wideglide with a custom paint job. Pat teases that what his lacks in the paint job, he makes up for in the chrome. Now they are both Guardian members of Biker Dogs MC!

A year ago, they adopted their first baby girl...a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Erin Tegan Simmons, whom they simply call Tegan. Her name meant Erin=Welsh word for Ireland and Tegan=Welsh word for Of Doe-like Beauty. She was a 5 week old bundle of love, and a week and a half later, she was off to Sturgis, SD with them! She's been traveling with them on the bike every since...though she can no longer be tucked into a jacket like she was then.

Just last weekend, Tegan had a new little sister added to her family...another Pembroke Welsh Corgi...named Bronwyn (meaning Dark One with White Breast) Tarren (From the knoll)...and she was simply called Tarren. Well, Tarren immediately had her sister's smallest Doggles strapped on and was set upon the Harleys and initiated into the family. She did wonderfully.

Tegan joined the Biker Dogs MC earlier this year, and was the FIRST MEMBER FROM LOUISIANA! Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club Member - Tegan She's had quite a year with all of the Hurricane Katrina activity and now with our recovery.

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