Biker Dogs MC International
USA - Canada - Japan - United Kingdom - Italy - Sweden - Belgium - Northern Ireland - Spain - Norway - Finland - Russia
Founded September 27th, 2000 - As of today: 139 Biker Dog members, 20 Guardian members, 4 Defender members in 12 Countries on 4 Continents!
World's first 4%-er club (4% = Four-paw scenter. Arf!)


Order your 4-piece club patch set here!

Once approved as a GUARDIAN member, you may optionally order the 4-piece patch set via Paypal from this page.

By ordering the patch set, you are agreeing to abide by all club rules related to the use of the club patch. These rules may change over time to cover currently unforeseen conditions or events. Members must abide by any announced or published changes to the rules or refrain from using the club patch. The club charter elsewhere on this site contains many rules about the use of the club patch and colors.

The most important rule to be aware of is that ALL FOUR PATCH PIECES MUST BE DISPLAYED TOGETHER ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE SAME SURFACE IN THE PRECISE ARRANGEMENT DEPICTED BELOW (scroll down). If only three patches were visible, it would offend the 3-piece patch "outlaw" clubs. This is not a risk worth taking! In any event, any other displayed arrangement would hurt the club's trademark rights. Do not get creative by using an unauthorized custom arrangement of the four pieces. Note: some materials on this web site may show a diaganol "GUARDIAN" patch but the final production GUARDIAN patch is a vertical patch and should be worn on the left side of the dog-head insignia bewteen the left end of the rocker and the left end of the bone-shaped PACK patch. Later the Charter will be amended to show this slightly different arrangement. The PACK patch will say "INTERNATIONAL PACK" if you are not a member of any local pack, otherwise it will contain the name of your local pack (for example "CA WOOF PACK" or "OUTPAW WA ST").

Pay $100 for the complete 4-piece Club Patch via Paypal (includes shipping and handling and any applicable sales tax):

Official GUARDIAN member patch layout:

Liberate a Dog !

We'd like to remind people that there are a lot of wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted at your local animal shelter.
You can also offer to volunteer to walk sheltered dogs while they await adoption.
The dogs love getting to leave their cages for a walk!
Please visit our adoption page for featured "Shelter-of-the-Month" and list of places to adopt.

Also visit Dogs On Bikes a website dedicated to motorcycle-riding canines!

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