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Denise Monk-Simmons

Denise grew up with a father that would not let her ride bicycles, but would let her have dirt bikes. His logic behind this was that cars could hit her on the streets if she was on a bicycle, but if she was on a dirt bike, then it was up to her and her common sense and the good Lord to watch over her. So he started her out on a Honda Z-50A aka a "Monkey bike". She was barely bigger than the bike, but as she grew, so did the bikes.

She was looking for a Harley when she met a man named Pat Simmons, (now also a Guardian member of Biker Dogs MC) but she was also looking to buy a house, so the house won her money and Pat ended up buying a 1997 Harley Dyna Wide Glide that from the moment Denise saw it, it took her breath away. She tried to cover her mouth so as not to influence Pat's decision on which bike to buy, but he told her later it didn't do her any good, because the fact that her eyebrows went up into her hairline spoke volumes. The purchase was made, and the bike came home.

Later, when Pat and Denise married in 2002, a small replica of the Harley was put on the grooms cake...complete to the custom paint job.

Having never ridden on the back of bikes in her 40+ years, Denise grew weary of being the passenger all the time, and as she saved up, she began to look for another bike. In 1997, Pat found another Harley and told her about it, thinking she would really like it and how it would be a good fit for her. That is when he found out that SHE ALREADY HAD A BIKE....HE needed to get a new bike! LOL. So he did. He bought a new Harley and told her he would give her the 1997 Harley...she laughed and told him it was always hers and that she had just been letting him drive it.

In 2005, they adopted their first baby, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy that was 5 weeks old, and named her Erin (welsh word for "Ireland") Tegan (welsh word for "of doe-like beauty") and they called her Tegan. A week and a half later, they strapped her first pair of baby Doggles (purchased from her and whisked her off to Sturgis, and she's been riding with them every since.

Tegan, now a Biker Dog member of Biker Dogs MC, has logged thousands of miles with them and even rode out Hurricane Katrina with them. She is also the FIRST MEMBER FROM LOUISIANA.

Two weeks ago, Denise and her husband, adopted another furry bundle of joy, another 9 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. They named her Bronwyn (Welsh word meaning "Dark One with White Breast") Tarren (Welsh word meaning "from the knoll"). She is simply called Tarren. Denise broke out Tegan's old baby Doggles and put them on Tarren and they have already initiated her to riding on the Harleys, so they are a family that will be riding together. Tarren will be getting her pictures taken and sent in shortly so that she can join BikerDogs MC like her big sister.

Denise was working as a Director Of Nursing at a newly opened hospital in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina flooded the hospital and left it destroyed, but she and her staff were lucky and had managed to evacuate all of the patients out before the storm hit New Orleans. Denise then stayed on in New Orleans and remained with her husband at the EMS station where he worked at. Since her hospital is gone now, she has taken a new job working in the Intensive Care Unit at another hospital in the city, and plans to remain in New Orleans, and hopes to see the city's regrowth continue.

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