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February 3rd, 2015 - Welcome, Dante aka "Big Head"
of Spanaway, Washington, USA

Dante's guardian states:

Dante is a r6 year old Pit, Staf, Bully mix who was rescued from the pound after almost three months of living there. He isn't much of a rider but he does love everyone and everything except water hoses.

If Dante could talk I know he would and would want me to support and advocate for any club, foundation, or charity that supports abandonned dogs or animal adoption causes.

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Liberate a Dog !

We'd like to remind people that there are a lot of wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted at your local animal shelter.
You can also offer to volunteer to walk sheltered dogs while they await adoption.
The dogs love getting to leave their cages for a walk!
Please visit our adoption page for featured "Shelter-of-the-Month" and list of places to adopt.

Also visit Dogs On Bikes a website dedicated to motorcycle-riding canines!


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