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Buddy of Santa Cruz, California, USA

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We're sorry to report that Buddy passed away in mid-2007,
but his memory (and this web page) will live on forever.
See his story below the photo.

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Motorcycle Biker Dog Buddy Kleinsmith of Santa Cruz, a
white miniature bull terrier passed away at home on Thursday
26 July 2007 from an in-operatable tumor on his brain stem.
His 11th birthday would have been October 3rd. He was
laid to rest in his back yard where he played. Buddy left
behind his guardian Joe Kleinsmith aka-Doggy Daddy and
thousands of friends and admirers.
Buddy was the Pack Leader of the Northern California Woof
Pack of the Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club, HOG Member and
mascot of the Santa Cruz Chapter Harley Owners Group, and
mascot of VFW Freedom Post 1716 Honor Guard.
Buddy was very patriotic and known for wearing a stars
and stripes bandanna and participating in parades and
participating in veteranÕs funeral services with the VFW
Honor Guard throughout the county. Buddy has been
recognized world wide for his love of riding on his Harley
in a custom tour pack with windshield. Buddy logged over
25,000 miles under his collar since his first motorcycle
ride to the Hollister Rally in July 2003. Buddy was a true
biker and party animal. He is known for wearing a HD helmet
and leather vest with autographs from Willie G. and Arlen
Ness with his Biker Dog MC patch.
BuddyÕs travels throughout California ranged from Big
Sur to Whiskey Town. His furthest travels include Sturgis,
Mt Rushmore, Devils Tower, Jackson Hole, and Yellowstone
Park. He loved traveling to Street Vibrations in Reno,
Virginia City and Las Vegas. This year BuddyÕs rides
included the Santa Clara Police Officers Memorial Run,
Laughlin River Run, Oatman-Route 66, Grand Canyon, Hoover
Dam, Modesto 4th of July Parade, and Hollister's
Independence Rally July 5th.
Besides his extensive wardrobe, calendars, magazines,
television, newspaper coverage and posing for photographs,
Buddy will be remembered for being a Biker Dog, his BDMC
business cards, his love for attention and affection of the
ladies, and winning at 21 in casinos of Vegas, Reno and
Deadwood. Buddy may have be 30 pounds of muscle and
resembled a pig with his cone shaped head, but he was all
ham and full of love. Buddy was a true ambassador of
goodwill and loved everyone.

Buddy’s Week Long Plight
By Joe (Doggy Daddy) Kleinsmith
Buddy, my nine and a half year old white mini-bull terrier has always been a wonderful dog. He has many friends and admirers of both the human and canine kind worldwide. His best doggy friends are Lucky, our English pointer and all his fellow Biker Dog members. Buddy rides a Harley and has traveled to Sturgis, Yellowstone, Las Vegas, Reno, and all over California.
Some time ago, at his water dish, Buddy inexplicably fell over like a tipped cow. He recovered and appeared to be fine, so I dismissed the incident. However some weeks later the same thing occurred again twice within a few hours. Initially I thought that he may have an inner ear infection affecting his sense of balance and immediately called his veterinarian. After explaining Buddy symptoms, I was told said he needed to be examined by a heart specialist and was referred to Pacific Emergency Veterinary. Dr. Struble did a physical exam and ordered some tests, including a chest x-ray, which showed that Buddy had an enlarged heart. Also, his heart rate was irregular and his heartbeat was extremely fast. The doctor believed Buddy’s fainting spells was due to his heart and recommended Buddy receive immediate heart monitoring and treatment by the University of California Davis Small Animal Clinic. Dr. Andrea Struble was instrumental in Buddy being admitted to UC Davis in days instead of weeks.
On Monday at UC Davis, Buddy charmed everyone in the waiting room with his darling face and wagging tail. The Cardiology resident, Dr Fiona Campbell and students examined Buddy and found that Buddy’s heart was beating full throttle. The doctors decided to make an attempt at correcting Buddy’s problem with medication, but he responded abnormally and his heart stopped. This is known as "sinus arrest", and was likely the cause of Buddy’s fainting spells. Buddy was administered a shot to restart his heart and came back to life but the top half of his heart stopped working. Dr Campbell informed me that Buddy was okay and was placed in intensive care for observation.
Buddy charmed everyone in the room with his demand for affection and his reaction to the drugs had all the doctors scratching their heads. However, I was filled with anxiety at the possibility of losing my beloved dog and riding partner. Buddy rested peacefully through the night while the drugs worked their way out of his system. The next afternoon, the top of Buddy’s heart restarted on its’ own and his heart rate was near normal. Dr. Campbell examined Buddy again and after several additional tests, including an echocardiogram (an ultrasound procedure). As Buddy was staying another night for observation, I was allowed to visit him before I went home. He had some of his energy back and looked dashing showing off his orange vest with saddlebags that held heart-monitoring equipment. Because Buddy’s heart rate continued fluctuating, a condition known as Sick Sinus Syndrome, the recommended treatment was to insert a cardiac pacemaker, which supplies electrical impulses when Buddy’s heart rate spontaneously drops dangerously low, and then to also give Buddy medicine to suppress his heart rate when it spontaneously starts racing too fast. This is a costly procedure, but without treatment Buddy’s prognosis was poor, so I decided to go ahead.
On Thursday morning the procedure of placing a cardiac pacemaker in Buddy went well. He has a Medtronic Kappa SR pacemaker, which is the same kind found in people. The cardiologist, veterinary technicians and the other staff members answered my many questions and were very supportive. I took Buddy home on Friday. Two weeks later Buddy had his stitches removed and was fitted with a 24-hour heart monitor and orange vest. When monitoring was completed, the vest was mailed back to the university so they could evaluate its readings. The pacemaker is working appropriately to supplement Buddy's heart when it beats too slowly and the medication (Diltiazem) is proving very efficacious at suppressing the very fast rhythms that Buddy was having. Buddy was placed on 30 days house arrest without excitement and is recuperating rapidly. His giddy is back in his giddy-up and today Buddy enjoys life to the fullest and takes the pacemaker completely in his stride.
He is as handsome as ever and temporarily hides his bad haircut with his motorcycle vest. Now like a motorcycle, Buddy will have to get his carburetor tuned-up annually.
Woof, woof!
The sophistication of Veterinary Medicine practiced today is very impressive. Great strides have been made in animal care in the last 20 years. Today, the University of California Davis has one of the foremost Veterinary Cardiology and Cancer Treatment Service in the nation. They see over 1500 cardiology cases per year, and perform many interventional procedures, including the placement of pacemakers - about 30 pacemaker placements per year.
The pacemaker consists of a small generator (about two inches in diameter and less than half an inch thick) with a wire lead attached. The lead is inserted via the jugular vein into the right ventricle, where it emits electrical impulses that control the rate at which the heart muscle contracts. The generator is placed subcutaneously in the neck. Care must be taken not to dislodge the pacemaker, so the dog is kept as calm as possible for three-four weeks after the placement procedure. If the dog is able to go out, an alternative to wearing a collar (such as a Gentle Leader or harness) is also recommended.
The Cardiologist inserts the pacemaker with the assistance of a specially trained technician. An additional technician helps with programming the pacemaker.
This 1-2 hour procedure is performed in the operating room while the dog is anesthetized. Specialized X-ray equipment (fluoroscopy) is also used to help guide the placement of the pacemaker and leads.
Following surgery, the dog receives his first check-up at three months and a check-up annually there after. The cost is approximately $4,000 and the love of your dog,

Buddy's guardian, Joe, writes:

My dog Buddy is a 30 lb all white miniature English Bull Terrier. He looks like the Target Commercial Dog without the red circles or Spud MacKenzie without the eye patch. The photo above is of Buddy & I at the 2003 Hollister Rally. We found out about the existance of a Dog MC at the Rally (we arrived the day after you) from a vendor asking if Buddy was a member [See Howllister Protest]. So with some searching on the internet I located your site. Here is some info about Buddy:

General Info:
Name: Buddy
D.O.B. October 3, 1996
Breed: Miniature English Bull Terrier
Education: Graduate of Bull Terrier University with Degree in
Doctorate of Dogs
Graduate of Calero Pet Retreat

Interests and Activities:
Buddy is a 7-year-old Purebred Miniature English Bull Terrier. He is 30 pounds of solid muscle and tenderness. Buddy is known throughout Santa Cruz County for his patriotism, love of children, and his wardrobe. While he is not riding, Buddy is the Mascot of the Freedom Post 1716 Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard and is well known for his support and participation in Veterans parades and programs. Buddy is also a mascot of the Santa Cruz HOG Chapter and also rides with the American Legion Riders - District 28. Besides his biker leathers, Buddy's has a wardrobe for all occasions. They include his tuxedo for formal events, levis, Super Dog costume, bomber jacket, shirts, a collection of bandannas, and a life jacket for boating on the lake.

First major ride - Hollister police order Buddy to leave town.
Buddy's first major ride was to the Hollister Run on the morning of July 6, 2003. Buddy made lots of friends to include the girls of Bodz on Bikes. All three lovely ladies rubbed his tummy and loved him so much they just had to have a photo taken with Bud. I was honored to know that one of them carries his picture in her wallet. Later that afternoon Buddy and I felt like a sheep dog in the center ring of a flea circus when we became surrounded by the law and directed to leave. I was threatened with a citation for just cruising with Buddy on my HOG because he was a distraction to the public. When I asked about all the T's & A's being distractions the officer ordered us to move on. [Pack Leader's note: Holliser has passed a law outlawing dogs from the rally. See the protest we staged in 2003 Howllister Protest] You'll find Buddy's photograph on page 23 (lower right corner) in the Nov/Dec 03 Barnett's MC magazine Showcasing Hollister 03.

Street Vibrations - no dogs allowed, but Buddy allowed to proceed:
Buddy's second major ride was to Street Vibrations. He was challenged on opening day by the law and advised that dogs were not allowed. The officer acknowledged that nothing was posted in the Thunder Press, on Reno's official web site and no signs were posted at the event. He then gave Buddy some lovins, shook my hand, turned and continued his patrol. [Pack Leader's note: Last year dogs were outlawed from Reno during the event. We protested to the city attorney of Reno, who mailed us a copy of this unfair law. The city is unwilling to make an exception for biker dogs even if they are just sitting on the bike. Buddy was very fortunate to have one police officer make an exception but many other biker dogs were systematically booted out of town]

Ignorant people who identify me as a pit bull because they have no idea what an American Pit Bull looks like and fail to know that only breeders and owners make dogs mean.

Motorcycle Rallies and Events and Fundraisers Attended:
July 6, 2003 Hollister (Ordered to leave after 4 hours)
Sep 2003 Street Vibrations - Reno, Carson City and Virginia City.
Sep 2003 POW/MIA Day Ceremonies at Monterey Veterans Memorial Park.
Dec 2003 Ghost Mountain Riders Toys for Tots Run.
Dec 2003 Legion Riders Palo Alto VA Hospital Spinal Cord Ward
Visit.Places Traveled on Harley:
Reno, Virginia City, Carson City
Santa Cruz County
Santa Clara County
Monterey County

Santa Cruz HOG: (In Annual Club Photo)
Legion Riders Dist 28:
Bodz on Bikes:

Newspaper Photo Coverage:
Pet of the Week
Veterans Day Parade atop an Army HummVee

VFW Post 1716 Honor Guard @ State Firemen's Muster

Buddy appears in magazine
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My ladies (I'm just a babe magnet)

Pet of the Week
Watsonville Register-Pajaronia

My ancestors

The name is Kleinsmith, Bud Kleinsmith

Where is Buddy in this group photo??

Listening to the "Biker Dog" song

In the news...


A Playin' hide-n-seek

A day in the sun at Lover's Point in Pacific Grove

Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog. It's little ole me, Super Dog

The jacket is great but this hat has got to go

I may ride a hog, but I'm just a ham

My audition for the Cadberry Buuny

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