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07/16/06 - Welcome, Akilli
of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, USA!

Akilli is a 6 year old Siberian husky rescued from the pound for a $20 donation. She weighs about 37 pounds. She not only rides my motor scooter with me but also: Tubes behind my boat a rides a Jet Ski balanced sitting up on the seat. When the wind gets to strong @ about 40 mph she rotates 180 degrees in the seat and faces backwards looking behind. This really unnerves the drivers behind us. Several have sworn she is checking them out. If we hit rough road bed she will lay down across the seat for better balance. She leans into the turns better than my wife. We wear a harness that attaches the two of us together not that it is necessary for balance  but it provides me some piece of mind during hard maneuvers. If she gets tired she will lean against my back or the harness for better balance or just lay across the seat.


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