Biker Dogs MC International
USA - Canada - Japan - United Kingdom - Italy
Founded September 27th, 2000

Support Pack
Here is a partial list of the members of our Support Pack
These club supporters have made a personal contribution
of time and/or donations to the club and have been awarded the
Biker Dog Motorcycle Club Support Pack Pin
(on the right).
A donation of $10 or more earns donors the Support Pack Pin.
Order the pin from Pack Leader Houdini's
online store
Supporter Links
and/or Contact Info
James Durinsky
Donational purchase of Support Pack pin

Providing a new product allowing dogs to ride safely
(and made a purchase at our online store)

Talisa Blanton

Heartfelt and enthusiastic support
(and bought tons of stuff from our online store)

Kate Woods, reporter, The Pinnacle

For her terrific newspaper coverage of the
Howllister Protest Run

The Pinnacle Newspaper

Johnny's Bar & Grill, Hollister
For valuable information in preparation of our
Howllister Protest Run
Angela Hill and Noah Berger, Oakland Tribune reporter and photographer
For their terrific newspaper coverage of the
1st Annual Biker Dog Run
Biker Dog Run news story on Tribune web site or
A copy of the news story on
The Stewart Family - Scott, Kimberly, Tommy, Maddie, Cisco & Bruiser
For their overwhelming support, enthusiasm, technical advice, donations and music contributions
Gini Scott, Ph.D.
Creative Communications
& Research
For adding a biker dog section to her book
"Do You Look Like Your Dog"
which features 4 of our club members!
Sarah Ferguson,
The Duchess of York
For presenting Houdini a personally autographed
Wedgwood water bowl
Brad Gillis
Producer and lead guitarist for Night Ranger
For producing the award-winning "Biker Dog" song
the theme song for our club
Johnny Parker,
Videographer for the
Howllister Protest  Run
Thomas Smet,
Videographer for the
1st Annual Biker Dog Run
Joe Albe, Webmaster,

For providing a chat room for biker dogs:
"Chew The Fat" and for sharing photos with us of
1st Annual Biker Dog Run

Felix Baltazar, organizer
of the
Roadhouse Monkies
riding group

For publishing a news article in their newsletter about the
1st Annual Biker Dog Run,
for mechanical help with Houdini's bike, glass work, and endless entusiasm

Scott and Jonathan Lane
Scott is our volunteer server administrator and both Scott and brother Jon helped us prepare for the
1st Annual Biker Dog Run
Craig Stiles,
Metal Magic
For suberb metal work!
(created aluminum carrier for Pack Leader Houdini to ride safely on the bike and also made a DVCAM bike mount for shooting the "Biker Dog" music video)
Jonathan's Leathercraft
For crafting Houdini's first riding carrier,
and customizing all our leather needs!

Steve Faraone,
Faraone Graphics

For a beautiful custom paint job on Houdini's bike
TJ Bergren
and wife Junko
of Oakland CA
For TJ's drum performance
on the award-winning "Biker Dog" song
(the theme song for our club)
and for his Junko's help as Japanese translator
with TV Tokyo animal show


Steven Berk
of Alameda CA

For performing keyboards
for the award-winning "Biker Dog" song
(the theme song for our club)


Beebe Price
For backup vocals
on the award-winning "Biker Dog" song
(the theme song for our club)

Traci Cooksey
of Sausalito CA

Donation !
...and long-time supporter

Debbie Luder
of Martinez CA
Donation !
...and cheerful supporter
Mark Silegy
of Derry NH
For sending us photos of Lady Harley of Woodland Hills
Colette Costello
of San Francisco
For sending us photos of Houdini and Gypsy meeting the Duchess of York!


Liberate a Dog !

We'd like to remind people that there are a lot of wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted at your local animal shelter.
You can also offer to volunteer to walk sheltered dogs while they await adoption.
The dogs love getting to leave their cages for a walk!
Please visit our adoption page for featured "Shelter-of-the-Month" and list of places to adopt.

Also visit Dogs On Bikes a website dedicated to motorcycle-riding canines!

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