Biker Dogs MC International
USA - Canada - Japan - United Kingdom - Italy - Sweden - Belgium - Northern Ireland - Spain - Norway - Finland - Russia
Founded September 27th, 2000 - As of today: 139 Biker Dog members, 20 Guardian members, 4 Defender members in 12 Countries on 4 Continents!
World's first 4%-er club (4% = Four-paw scenter. Arf!)


Biker Dogs MC Washington St
Formed October 20th, 2006

Members of the "OutPaw Pack Wa. St."

Pack Guardian

"Bear", Guardian member
Pack Leader Hildy, Biker Dog member
Secretary of Steak "Dkay", Guardian member
Bone Counter "Trikerdon", Guardian member
First trikerdog member of Biker Dogs MC International Lori, Biker Dog member
Rides the Panda Trike Bandit, Biker Dog member

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Washington OutPaw Pack Yahoo Group


Liberate a Dog !

We'd like to remind people that there are a lot of wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted at your local animal shelter.
You can also offer to volunteer to walk sheltered dogs while they await adoption.
The dogs love getting to leave their cages for a walk!
Please visit our adoption page for featured "Shelter-of-the-Month" and list of places to adopt.

Also visit Dogs On Bikes a website dedicated to motorcycle-riding canines!

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