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Founded September 27th, 2000 - As of today: 139 Biker Dog members, 20 Guardian members, 4 Defender members in 12 Countries on 4 Continents!
World's first 4%-er club (4% = Four-paw scenter. Arf!)

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Why is there a requirement that human members (Guardian or Defender) be a member of a motorcycle rights organization?

Every motorcyclist should be a member of a motorcycle rights organization (often referred to as an MRO) in order to stay informed about matters that after their right to ride. Our club is very concerned about bad laws passed by legislators, discrimination against motorcyclists , and harassment of motorcyclists. Search the internet for "no motorcycles allowed" and you will get over 10,000 hits, including an entire city where motorcycles have been banned. Think you have the right to ride anywhere a car can go? You couldn't be more wrong. We need our human members to be aware of what is going on in their part of the world by being a member of a motorcycle rights organiztion of their choosing.

For a list of MROs in your part of the world, go to Biker


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